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imagesWe all know who this guy was. He invented so many things, we probably don’t realize it was Franklin that came up with them! You may or may not know that he created the bifocal glasses. If you did, kudos. Either you paid attention in school or you’re really good at Trivia Crack. Bifocals have come a long way since then, they definitely are not what our grandparents wore. Which is good…but I still hate mine.

I have a confession. When it comes to my glasses I choose vanity over seeing straight. Coming from a family where more people wore glasses than didn’t, I prided myself on the fact that I was not one of them. Sure, I had a pair that I might have worn in school when I was doing a lot of reading. And as I got older, the prescription in those reading glasses started getting stronger. But I only needed them to read, thank goodness, and they were pretty cute looking with the little round lenses and faint pink metal frame. Then one night, I’m driving home from Milwaukee and I realize that everything around me looked like it did back when I was in college and couldn’t stay away from the beer keg. (Yeh, that’s another blog for another day…) I was long overdue for an eye exam so off I went.

Well, you can probably guess what happened. Not only was I going to have to wear glasses pretty much full time, but they’re BIFOCALS!!! Waaaaaaa!!! (Insert image of four-year-old throwing tantrum on the floor) And I would have to get larger lenses because those cute little pink reading glasses were too small for the two prescriptions. To quote my daughter, “Are you kidding me?!” I found some glasses with as little frame as possible, and stomped out of the office.

Pride cometh before the fall. Thank you King Solomon for your words of wisdom.

OK, so yes. I can see things better now. I can drive at night and know that those are actually headlights coming at me and not Tinkerbell and friends. I can read books on my Kindle and have more than 6 words on the page before having to turn it. I can sit in church and read along with the sermon notes and my Bible (app), then look up at the pastor on stage and be able to see all of it clearly without having to move my head up and down like a neighing horse, as I did with the smaller reading glasses. Of course, I have mastered the approaching-middle-age-person’s habit of lifting your chin slightly and looking down through the stronger prescription at the bottom when I read something. The silly thing is, I do that even when I’m not wearing my glasses. Like if I half shut my eyes and look down my nose my eyes will work better.

You know, like those bifocals, Jesus can help you see your life more clearly as well. When things around you are fuzzy and unclear, He can sharpen it up in an instant. But you have to get over your pride and determination to do it yourself. Sometimes the road ahead is dark, and it’s not Tinkerbell and friends coming at you. It’s the enemy of your heart and he is coming in fast. Without your Jesus bifocals on, you may swerve out of the way a few times and avoid the crash. But eventually, because you aren’t seeing clearly, you’re going to hit something. You may say, nothing will happen to me because I’m a really good driver! We all think we’re good drivers. But the best drivers are the ones who are faithfully wearing their Jesus bifocals. Sure, they may come upon a hefty speed bump and that really rattles their car from time to time. But they saw it, they slowed down, and as they went up and over it maybe it jostled them around a bit, but they made it over, and continued down the road.

Nobody, even Jesus, ever said life as a follower of Him would be smooth. I’m here to tell you that probably the worst time of my life was during my walk with Christ. While it wasn’t something I wanted, I hated going through it, and the outcome really sucked, I went through it all wearing my Jesus bifocals and I could see the positive in the end. Seriously. Life in this fallen world is hard, but knowing what you will be able to see when you put your pride aside is incredible.

If you haven’t already, try those bifocals on. Even if you wore reading glasses before, and they helped a little, but not enough anymore, try those bifocals. You might feel a little silly at first and maybe others will laugh at you behind your back. Or worse, to your face. But know this; those who ridicule cannot see you fully because they’re not wearing any glasses. They cannot see the peace and will lash out at you because you’re not foolishly bumping into walls like they are. FYI – bumping into walls is not cool or popular and eventually will only leave you with a bloody nose.

I get the importance of having these kind of glasses. I understand that it relieves the strain on my eyes and all that. But I tell you what – as soon as I get to those Pearly Gates, I am taking these things off, dropping them to the ground and jumping up and down on them until they’re dust. Because (thank you Jesus) I won’t need them in heaven anyway.

Céad míle beannachta.
(One hundred thousand blessings)