In a nutshell…

I am the wife of a man that started out with the reputation of “a bad boy” and it drew me to him like a moth to flame. I soon found out that while he certainly was a lot of things, “bad” was not really one of them. He has been in my life for over 25 years and we are no longer the young and foolish ones thinking we had all the answers. Life is hard and as we learned that through the years, we also found that we do not have to go it alone. God is the one constant that is always good and He has given us more than we ever deserved. God gave me the perfect piece to my life puzzle, back when I didn’t even realize it, and I am aware now more than ever how perfect he is for me.

I am a mother to two teenagers. They are beautiful, talented, very similar, yet very different beings. One is the peacemaker, the other a firecracker; these are traits that are going to take them to wonderful and exciting places. They are God’s children and He is allowing me to care for them for a while. I can’t imagine Him blessing me with anything bigger than that.

I am a prodigal daughter of the King. Born and raised in the church, I became disillusioned with it as a teen, after seeing what I perceived to be very un-Christian behavior by church leadership. Despite the fact that I “knew better,” I lived a life very far away from the teachings of my youth. During the nearly 20 years I spent wandering God continued to remind me that I am His, and eventually it was because of my own children that I returned. Saying that I am forgiven is a serious statement for me; so much so that I had the word tattooed on my arm. I know full well what I did, but all of it has been wiped away and I am once again back where I belong.


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